9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Though they are stylish and simple to maintain, glass stovetops must be handled carefully to prevent damage. Here are nine risky behaviors to stay away from:

Applying Abrasive or Rough Cleaners
Avoid using abrasive or rough cleaners as they can cause surface scratches. Instead, apply a mild cleaner made specifically for glass stovetops. These specialized cleaners are formulated to be gentle yet effective, ensuring that your stovetop remains free from scratches and other damage while still maintaining a pristine, polished look.

Setting Up Bulky Pots and Pans
Heavy cookware can cause glass stovetops to crack. Use lightweight pots and pans to shield surfaces from harm. The weight and impact of heavy cookware can exert too much pressure on the glass surface, leading to cracks or even breakage. Opting for lighter cookware can significantly reduce the risk of damage and prolong the life of your stovetop.

Pots and Pans that Slide
Dragging cookware can cause scratches on the glass. Pots and pans should never be slid across the surface; always lift them to avoid scraping. Sliding movements can create micro-scratches that not only mar the appearance of your stovetop but can also weaken the glass over time. By lifting cookware, you maintain a smooth, unblemished surface.

Leaving Traces and Leaks
Clean spills promptly to prevent damage and baked-on stains. Allowing spills to sit can cause them to harden and adhere to the glass, making them difficult to remove and potentially leading to permanent stains or discoloration. A quick wipe down after each use can help maintain a spotless and hygienic cooking surface.

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