Four veterans have been awarded their high school diplomas nearly 70 years after leaving to serve in the military.

These “super seniors” certainly deserve congratulations! A diploma holds immense significance for individuals, but sometimes, those who possess one may take it for granted. In contrast, veterans make profound sacrifices when they enlist in the military, often missing out on traditional life experiences. However, there are ways to compensate for these losses.

In 1956, four young men from Springdale High School missed their graduation ceremony. Air Force Veteran Carl Stults, Army Veteran Bobby Burke, Air Force Veteran Charles Leroy Moon, and Air Force Veteran Bob Self were all former students at Springdale.

During their senior year, they made the decision to enlist in the military, taking GED tests to qualify before graduation. They left for distant places before having the chance to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.

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