Tom Cruise and Suri: A Complex Relationship

Tom Cruise seems to have limited visits with his daughter, Suri, since his divorce from Holmes. Nowadays, Suri lives with Holmes in New York City, where she has full custody. The last public sighting of Suri with her father dates back almost a decade to 2012, when they enjoyed a trip to Disneyland together.

Katie Holmes shocked Cruise with the divorce.

Tom Cruise has three kids. He shares his only son, Connor Cruise, and his eldest daughter, Isabella ’Bella’ Cruise, with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. They adopted Bella and Connor when they were married.

The actor has one biological child: his daughter Suri, whom he shares with his other ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Holmes went through a lot to end her marriage to Cruise, even using secret phones and having private meetings with her lawyers.

She surprised him with the divorce. He later admitted that Holmes left «to protect Suri» from certain beliefs.

News came out that 17-year-old Suri is starting to apply for college, but Cruise won’t have a say in where she goes.

Tom Cruise wasn’t prohibited from seeing Suri, but he and Katie have a complicated relationship.

In 2013, Cruise openly discussed the situation with his legal team. He mentioned when circumstances change due to divorce, things aren’t always ideal.

By March 2023, an anonymous source disclosed that Cruise has minimal involvement in his daughter Suri’s life. The source hinted that the actor’s beliefs might be a factor contributing to their distant relationship but still,

if he desired, he could maintain contact with her.

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