The grandson adamantly opposes the family’s decision to place grandma in a nursing home and instead assumes the role of her full-time caregiver.

Chris, a musician and content creator, has always dreamt of YouTube fame.

He tried various content styles, but little did he know, the key to his success was right by his side – his grandmother.
SOURCE:TIKTOK SCREENSHOT – FIRSTNAMECHRISOriginally from Tarlac in the Philippines, Chris and his family, including Lola, moved to the United States, bringing a piece of their homeland with them.Lola, a former elementary school teacher in the Philippines for over two decades, is now the star of Chris’s TikTok videos, where they converse in their native “Kapampangan” dialect.The decision to become her full-time caretaker came in 2015 when Lola was 88.Chris knew where he stood.Faced with the tough choice of hiring a caregiver or sending her to a home for the aged, Chris knew he had to step in.He couldn’t bear the thought of his Lola being cared for by strangers or living in an unfamiliar place.Chris’s dedication to his grandmother is evident in every aspect of their life together.

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