Mother attacks animal lovers, says the term fur babies is “an insult to moms”

People who care about animals are angered by a mother of three kids who claims that calling dogs “fur babies” is “an insult to moms.”

“Fur babies,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is “a pet, especially one that someone treats with a lot of love and kindness as if it were a baby.” It’s a term of endearment used by pet parents who regard their four-legged children to be a part of their family.

The woman, who acknowledges that she may come out as a “self-righteous parent,” overlooked the fact that “fur babies” is a term used in the English language and, as a result, her pontificating condemnation of pet owners sparked a barrage of responses from the internet community.

People who view their dogs as babies and others who view them as mere animals are increasingly at odds with one another. Approximately 76% of cat owners and 85% of dog owners, respectively, consider their pets to be members of the family, according to Forbes. Additionally, American spending on pets increased from $123.6 billion in 2021 to $136.8 billion in 2022.

According to a second study of 2,000 cat and dog owners, 81% of respondents say they treat their pets the same way they do people, and 71% frequently put the needs of their animals before their own.

According to a poll conducted on behalf of Chewy, 47% of respondents refer to their pets as “babies,” and 31% identify as the “mom or dad” of their furry child. According to Elizabeth Broadbent, “that is an insult to moms.”

In the summer of 2022, Broadbent published a piece for an online magazine in which she urged pet owners to avoid referring to their animals as “fur babies.”

Having two dogs and three children, the mother of three claims that “kids and dogs are not the same.”

“…But never did we call those beloved canines “furkids” or “furbabies”. Because the last I checked, dogs ain’t people.” She continues, “Your puppy is not your child, so stop saying that he is. I have three children now, and I know this for certain–kids and dogs are not the same.”

The Facebook post incited outrage among internet users, who criticised her intrusive comments.

“She has too much time on her hands…I’m pretty sure everyone is well aware of the differences. I have 2 children and I love my fur baby,” writes one, while a second adds, “she is absolutely right, they are not the same, which is why dogs are furbabies, children are skinpuppies and kids are baby goats.”

A third shares, “Dogs who we love are like babies with fur they are the most loyal of all beings if treated with love…this lady knows nothing to make this sad request to others …it’s a free world.”

Broadbent goes on to explain how she babyproofed her home, that included removing “strangulation hazards,” hiding “cleaning fluids” and placing “safety locks on all the cabinets.”

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