Woman Uses 1950s Turquoise Pyrex Dishes To Transform Her Boring Kitchen

Dans le Lakehouse

Everyone has a dream something in mind. Maybe it’s a dream house, or a dream car, or a dream vacation. Something that you like thinking about but doubt you’ll ever get a chance to make into reality.

After all, when you factor in time, budget, and motivation, it sometimes seems like nothing ever gets done.

But don’t get discouraged. And if you need some inspiration, look no further than Tanya over at Dans le Lakehouse.

She had been dreaming of making over her kitchen for years, but didn’t want to spend too much money. But thanks to some thriftiness and cleverness, she got the kitchen of her dreams for a very reasonable price.

Tanya’s kitchen when she started was fine, but plain. It had lots of oak cabinets, which, while nice, were too small and made the kitchen look heavy and cluttered.

Taking inspiration from the 1950s and ’60s, as well as from her collection of turquoise butterprint Pyrex cookware, she transformed the space into an airy kitchen with equal parts vintage charm and modern sleekness.

Because really, is there anything cuter than a retro-styled kitchen? The answer is no.

Tanya admits that the kitchen may change in the future, and that like so many artists, designers, and DIY-ers, she never really feels “finished” with a space. But for now, this turquoise kitchen is just so charming.

Check it out below, and let us know about your dream renovation, makeover, or project in the comments.

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Dans le Lakehouse

When she started, Tanya’s kitchen was perfectly serviceable, but that was about all it had going for it.

Also, the oak cabinets were too small and didn’t provide enough storage. They also weighed down the space and made it feel much more cramped than it really was.

Dans le Lakehouse

This is the after picture. It’s hard to believe this is the same kitchen!

Tanya removed the upper cabinets and replaced them with open shelving, then gave the remaining, lower cabinets a coat of turquoise paint, inspired by her collection of Pyrex cookware, which you can see displayed on the shelves.

Dans le Lakehouse

The walls were freshened up with some drywall and paneling, and everything was painted. They also replaced the counters with some wooden ones and got a new sink and fixtures.

Dans le Lakehouse

The floor was left unchanged, but the difference is pretty amazing. It looks so much brighter and more open now!

Dans le Lakehouse

And changing from the yellower tones of the wood to the cooler turquoise also makes it look lighter and cleaner.

Dans le Lakehouse

And the open shelves provide storage without looking too crowded, too.

Dans le Lakehouse

The window, free from curtains or shades, lets in lots of light and adds to the open feeling of the room.

Dans le Lakehouse

And now, Tanya can show off her Pyrex collection!

The design and color she collects is called butterprint, and served as the color inspiration for the whole room.

As you can see, she’s also collected plenty of other color-coordinated items to give the room personality. Everyday dishes are stowed away on the lower shelves to keep them easily in reach.

Dans le Lakehouse

The little landscape paintings over the stove come from Hungary, and the other glasses, plates, and bowls likely all have their own stories, too.

Dans le Lakehouse

Tanya even managed to find a turquoise blender!

Dans le Lakehouse

Next to the fridge, there’s an open pantry where she can keep her dry goods.

Next to the turquoise, the yellows and beiges of the pasta and grains really pop. We never considered pasta a decorative element before, but it totally works!

Dans le Lakehouse

The solid maple countertops were handmade by Tanya’s husband, a crafty person himself. They were built to fit the kitchen, and stained white to match the room.

The wood grain still shows through a bit, though, which makes the counters look a bit more warm and organic.

Tanya isn’t sure about the ultimate fate of her kitchen (she’s contemplating a new floor, among other things), but for now, she loves the new look. In total, this makeover cost $1,492 (CAD, so about $1,135 in U.S. dollars), and it was thanks to hunting around, being thrifty, and DIY-ing!

You can see more of Tanya’s projects on her blog, and you can also keep up with her latest adventures on Instagram and Pinterest.

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