Add Lemon Juice While Preparing Eggs

In addition to seasoning your dishes and bringing a touch of acidity to your recipes, lemon could become your best ally in the kitchen. Discover this often overlooked tip with lemon.

Why put a slice of lemon in the egg cooking water?

If lemon is an ideal citrus fruit in drinks or for making superb recipes, it can help you with a difficult and tedious task, which is peeling eggs. After having cooked the eggs for around ten minutes in simmering water, it is time to peel them, i.e. to remove the shell. While some membranes are easily removed, others have difficulty opening or detaching. They are sometimes difficult to peel and may end up with less white when peeling.

How to use this tip to peel eggs?

To start, you will need to cut a lemon in half and rub it on the egg shells before boiling (you can also throw a quarter of a lemon into the egg cooking water). Then, immerse the eggs in the water and let sit to the consistency you desire. After cooking, you will see that the membrane will be removed very easily. Removing the egg shells will now be a breeze.

Credit: Timeless Life

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