Do you want to get a natural fertilizer for plants at no cost? Here’s what you need to do. Only in this way will your green jewels be healthy and beautiful for years. This remedy will solve the problem of plants that wither and do not allow the growth of flowers and fruits.

Ready to find out how to make a natural fertilizer for plants at no cost ? Here is the remedy you have been waiting for all your life: with this technique, which will only take you a few minutes, you will give new life to your plants.


A plant is not always able to survive for a long time or to flower.  Sometimes it’s the fault of the little care we dedicate to them . Others, however, are characterized by cold or excessively hot temperatures or by an environment not suitable for the survival of a particular species.

Withered plant
Withered plant –

Green thumb experts always recommend finding out about the characteristics of a plant before bringing it into your home. Only by carefully studying the profile is it possible to take proper care of it.

Often, plants just need to be fertilized correctly to grow healthy and strong.  Many people resort to chemical fertilization with substances and products that are not good for the environment. Why not also resort to what mother nature makes available to us in these cases?

There are many techniques for carrying out natural fertilization . For example, the eggshells that you usually throw away can be used to fertilize plants . Even bicarbonate , did you know that it is a perfect ingredient to make your green jewels grow stronger and healthier?

All you need to do is put two tablespoons of this ingredient in a sprayer containing 500ml of water and start spraying the solution on your plant. In a few days you will see a beautiful flowering.

Today, however, we want to talk to you about another natural fertilizer at no cost that will be very useful to you. Perfect for any type of plant, it can be made in just a few minutes. Here’s what you need.

Natural Fertilizer For Plants At No Cost

Today we will reveal how to make a natural fertilizer for plants at no cost . Forget about chemicals and artificial products and let mother nature help you give new life to your plants.

What you need to do is get some dry leaves which you will add to a vase which you will then fill with soil . The secret ingredient is this, dung , which is an organic matter capable of providing our plants with all the nutrients it needs.

In the same jar, add two scoops of sand and two jars of ash . With your hands start mixing these ingredients so that they compact together. Now take a smaller vase and cover the bottom with sheets of absorbent paper .

Technique for naturally fertilizing plants
Technique for naturally fertilizing plants –

Then add your soil based on ash, sand and dung and finally your plant . Then proceed with watering : you will see that in a few days your plant will have a shiny and lively color but above all that flowers and fruit will begin to appear.

Here’s how to make a natural fertilizer for plants at no cost. With this technique you save money and effort but above all you protect your green jewels and the environment by avoiding purchasing products that contain toxic and chemical substances .

Mother nature has thought of everything. With this system that we have shown you you will no longer have to worry about plants that wither and flowers that don’t grow : nature knows how to fix it.

Credit: toptips

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