Here’s how to care for a Moses manger so it blooms all year long and lasts a lifetime.

Belonging to the cactus family, Moses’ cradle is an easy-care plant. Also called Spathiphyllum, this plant offers an exotic touch to your living space. It is distinguished by its majestic flowering and is a beautiful decoration as a houseplant. Learn how to care for Moses’ cradle so that it blooms all year round.

Belonging to the Araceae family, Moses’ cradle is characterized by its large leaves and fragrant flowers. This plant prides itself on being a decontaminant as it has the ability to absorb toxins. This plant can flourish in your garden, terrace, balcony or even as a houseplant.

Moses’ cradle, a beautiful plant to grow at home

Moses’ cradle is a perennial that needs fertile, drained soil.

Cradle of Moses. source: spm

Growing and caring for this plant requires basic knowledge:

– Substrate of the cradle of Moses plant

Moses’ cradle should be planted in a half-width pot made of terracotta. It is advisable to put a significant layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot and then fill the container with a mixture of special substrate for indoor plants and compost.

– Exhibition of the plant of Moses’ cradle

Moses’ cradle needs good indirect light to flourish. Therefore, partial shade exposure is preferable. Therefore, it will have to be placed in a bright place, but away from direct sunlight, otherwise the plant may not bloom.

Moses’ cradle plant. source: spm

– Planting period of the cradle of Moses plant

Transplanting the plant should be done every 2 years in a larger pot and changing the soil.

– Fertilizer to be used for the maintenance of the Moses cradle plant

Starting in March   it will be necessary to provide the plant with fertilizers   to encourage the appearance of flower buds. Every two weeks, the plant will need a supply of fertilizer, preferably after a good watering so as not to disturb the roots.

– Moses’ cradle watering plant

Moses’ Cradle requires regular watering during the warm months to keep the soil always moist. However, you should never let the water stagnate in the saucer and wait for the soil to dry before watering the plant again. In winter, therefore, it is advisable to space out watering. The peace lily appreciates humidity, so do not hesitate to spray its leaves with non-calcareous water, without overwatering them. Also, be sure to cut any wilted or stained stems with pruning shears.

– Temperature preferred by the Moses cradle plant

The exposure temperature of this plant varies between 15 and 20°. To care for this plant in winter, you should avoid having the pot on the balcony.

– Diseases and parasites of the Moses cradle plant

These plants are not immune   to pests that can invade your garden  . Mealybugs are the most common pests that attack this type of plants. It is advisable to spray the foliage with onion juice diluted in warm water to eliminate pests.

Moses’ Cradle is a magnificent plant. source: spm

Now you know how to take care of Moses’ crib. Here are other   plants that will allow you to decorate and perfume your home naturally.

Credit: Grandmaseasytricks

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